NME Focus

Adam Radman is the Director of Advocacy at Americans for Tax Reform, where he handles digital advocacy and campaign outreach for the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, ATR’s flagship project.

In 2007, Adam co-founded the New Media Exchange (NME), a networking group of America’s most prominent center-right digital strategists. Through his leadership on NME and ten years of managing digital communications for Americans for Tax Reform, Adam has become a leading voice in center-right American politics on digital strategy, advertising, and effective grassroots advocacy.

Adam has also spoken to conservative activists, domestically and internationally, about the importance of digital advocacy. In 2017, he spoke at the World Taxpayer Association's Regional Summit in Zagreb, Croatia and later that year spoke with activists at Faith and Freedom's Road to Majority Conference on the effectiveness of using petitions in digital advocacy efforts.

In 2018, Adam joined the board of the National Federation of Croatian Americans Cultural Foundation. The NFCAF is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to promoting the interest of the Croatian people - embodying the heritage of culture and language, integrity in human rights and equality in self-determination, advancing economic development, and freedom from persecution. It is the national umbrella organization established in 1993 for Croatian Americans, related professional associations, and the many fraternal lodges that collectively represent approximately 90,000 members.

Adam received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Politics from The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.