Conservatives Must Own Their Data and Their Audiences

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If it isn’t blatantly obvious already, Gizmodo’s recent article “Facebook Traffic Takes a Hit Following Algorithm Change” provides even more evidence that Conservative activists and organizations need to own their data and avoid relying primarily on social media platforms to promote their message.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Conservatives should continue engaging on social media, but find ways to encourage their supporters to visit channels they control.

In an era where social media companies have the power to impact traffic and reach, it becomes increasingly crucial for conservatives to own their data and diversify their communication channels. Data ownership is the key to sidestepping any would-be gatekeepers and communicating with your supporters directly.

Let’s delve deeper into the topic and explore three key reasons why owning the data is vital for long-term sustainability and community building:

  1. Control
    By owning their data, conservatives maintain control and autonomy over their communication channels. Social media platforms have their terms of service and can change algorithms or even suspend accounts without notice. This reliance on platforms creates a vulnerability and dependence on platforms that may not align with their values or goals. In contrast, owning and managing data via email lists, text messaging services, and websites ensures greater control over content, timing, and targeting of messages. It allows for tailored communication strategies that resonate with supporters, fostering stronger connections and trust.
  2. Long-Term Sustainability
    Data ownership contributes to long-term sustainability for conservatives and their organizations. By building their own databases of supporters’ email addresses and phone numbers, they establish direct lines of communication that transcend the limitations of social media algorithms. This allows for consistent engagement and mobilization of supporters, regardless of platform changes or trends. It enables them to adapt, evolve, and sustain their community-building efforts, ensuring a solid foundation for future growth and advocacy.
  3. Diverse Communication Channels and Strategies for Data Acquisition
    While owning data is vital, it’s also essential to leverage diverse communication channels and employ effective strategies for data acquisition. Combining social media platforms with email marketing, text messaging, and website visits ensures a comprehensive approach. Encourage supporters to join email lists by offering exclusive content or incentives. Utilize lead generation campaigns to capture visitor information on websites. Employ text messaging services to deliver time-sensitive updates and calls to action. This multi-channel approach ensures broader reach, engagement, and community growth.

In an era where social media platforms dominate online communication, owning and controlling data is paramount for conservatives. By prioritizing data ownership, they ensure autonomy, control, enhanced security, and long-term sustainability. Moreover, leveraging diverse communication channels and implementing effective data acquisition strategies enables them to cultivate a robust and engaged community. By nurturing relationships through personalized content and interactive platforms, activists can mobilize supporters, foster advocacy, and achieve their goals while maintaining control over their digital presence.